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Last year’s Norm Smith medallist Bobby Hill would be on top of the All Stars wish list.
AFL 2024

‘It’s bigger than that’: The match the AFL wants to revive after a decade in the wilderness

The AFL is pushing to stage an Indigenous exhibition game on the eve of next season in a bid to address the decline in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander footballers playing the game.

  • by Caroline Wilson


Sarah Rusbatch has experienced first-hand how a glass of wine at the end of the day can become something more problematic.

This Mother’s Day, watch out for the dark side of ‘Mummy Wine Culture’

Here’s why we need to rethink our easy assumptions and our go-to celebrations as we recognise the women who keep it all together – at a cost.

  • by Sarah Rusbatch
Is retired AFL superstar Buddy Franklin roast-worthy?

Time for an Australian sporting superstar to be roasted

If it’s good enough for the great Tom Brady, it’s good enough for one of our own.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
Carter Gordon

Rebels have handed RA an all-time hospital pass

Australian rugby has plenty of issues, but as the Rebels’ shambles shows, many have been self-inflicted.

  • by Paul Cully
Noosa was expecting a bumper Easter before the Brisbane lockdown.

Many of us aren’t engaged at work. What’s so bad about that?

A significant number of the workforce have always seen work as a means to an end, rather than an end in and of itself.

  • by Jim Bright
Many of us, especially older Australians, are still holding on to cash. It’s time to let it go.

Cash is dead. Why are we still pretending it isn’t?

Cash will be gone in just seven years time, but many of us are still trying to hold on to the past. It’s time we move forward and embrace it.

  • by Bec Wilson
Interest rates are unlikely to drop soon, so it’s best to find savings where you can.
Home loans

The five best quality home loans charging under 6 per cent

With rate cuts now not likely until next year, anyone who hasn’t already optimised their interest really ought to.

  • by Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon
Employers should focus on uncovering individuals who bring new and valuable perspectives to the table.

Should you hire for equity or for excellence?

Should the focus of recruitment be on ensuring fairness and inclusion, or on securing the highest level of individual talent? Is there a way to hire for both?

  • by Lauren Anderson

Chalmers has navigated a steady course. But can he nail a tricky landing?

Like a pilot negotiating fierce crosswinds, Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ dexterity will be judged on whether the economic landing is soft or hard.

  • by Peter Hartcher
Foreign Secretary David Cameron prepares to address guests in his first keynote speech since returning to politics.
UK politics

One more time, with feeling: The reinvention of David Cameron

The former British prime minister’s shock return to politics was cynically received by the public. Now he’s got less than a year to rewrite his legacy.

  • by Rob Harris
Elon Musk, billionaire and chief executive officer of Tesla, at the Viva Tech fair in Paris in June.

When it comes to names, does Elon Musk have the X-Factor?

The decision to ditch a brand name that has become part of the vernacular has sparked lively debate on a social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

  • by David Astle
Tarryn Thomas is serving an 18-match AFL suspension and was sacked by North Melbourne.
AFL 2024

Latest allegations should spell the end of Tarryn Thomas’ career

If new allegations of harassment against former Kangaroo Tarryn Thomas are verified, his case to return to play AFL football must be ruled off for good.

  • by Greg Baum
Stormy Daniels testifies as a promotional image for one of her shows is displayed on a monitor.

‘It could boomerang’: Stormy Daniels testimony on sex, lies and money is risky for both sides

The porn actor’s account was explosive in her indignant delivery and in the details of a sexual encounter with Donald Trump that at times sounded non-consensual.

  • by Shayna Jacobs, Perry Stein, Marianne LeVine and Devlin Barrett
Jim Chalmers’ comments about Australian families has started a population debate that will continue for years.

Chalmers wakes the baby debate the country needs

Jim Chalmers is not planning a fertility police squad in next week’s budget, but his comments on the birth rate go to an issue the world needs to debate.

  • by Shane Wright
President Bill Clinton meets Monica Lewinsky at a fundraiser event in 1996.

Can Trump survive a Stormy sex scandal? Just ask Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton accustomed the American people to political scandal. Donald Trump may benefit from their consequent ambivalence to politicians behaving badly.

  • by Nick Bryant
Wayne Bennett.
NRL 2024

Why Wayne Bennett loves the game, but doesn’t chase the game

He’s into his fifth decade as an elite coach, but Wayne Bennett’s traits suit the way the modern game is played.

  • by Roy Masters
Ivan Cleary, Nick Politis, David Fifita
NRL 2024

‘You know I barrack for Queensland?’ How Roosters won race for Fifita

Fed up with waiting, Roosters supremo Nick Politis was contemplating pulling the four-year, $3.3 million offer on the table to David Fifita. Then his phone rang.

  • by Michael Chammas
The company attracted investors including Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Jack Ma and the Walton family and were billionaires before reaching age 40.

Warren Buffett has a $285 billion problem

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has become too big, and it’s getting bigger by the day. It makes it a lot less exciting.

  • by Justin Fox
ARLC chairman Peter V’landys and Canterbury Bulldogs supremo Phil Gould.
NRL 2024

‘It’s not personal’: V’landys dismisses talk of Gould fallout after NRL breach notice

But the ARL Commission chairman has promised greater scrutiny on club officials who slam the game in their media roles.

  • by Andrew Webster
It might seem like your potential employer was discriminating against your youth, but the truth is probably more complex.

I didn’t get a job because I’m Gen Z. Why did that happen?

It might seem like your potential employer was discriminating against your youth, but the truth is probably more complex.

  • by Jonathan Rivett
No matter which way you look at it, the way we are working is broken.

Why open-plan offices are bad news for ADHD workers

Bright overhead lighting, noisy phone calls, unpredictable office temperature and smells from the kitchen are all triggers that can overload workers with ADHD.

  • by Adam Mawardi

The economy’s just the means to an end. So, are we getting our money’s worth?

Our materialism puts us on a “hedonic treadmill”. We think buying a bit more stuff will make us happier and, at first, it does. But pretty soon the thrill wears off.

  • by Ross Gittins
West Australian Premier Roger Cook and Treasurer Rita Saffioti with the budget papers in Perth on Thursday.
WA budget

WA is finding it hard to admit it has a spending problem

Most of WA’s increased spend is demand-driven thanks to roaring population growth placing pressure on housing, education and health budgets.

  • by Hamish Hastie
Hotel Realm.

Move over, Met Gala: Labor’s budget night bash the big ticket in town

Tickets to a Labor budget night fundraiser have sold out. The Liberals, meanwhile, can’t fill their tables.

  • by Kishor Napier-Raman and Stephen Brook
CCTV captures Nyaparu’s attacker following her in Perth’s CBD.

Why you won’t find this woman’s name on the list of Australian victims of domestic violence murders

Her partner pleaded guilty to doing “an act as a result of which the life, health or safety” of his victim “was likely to be endangered”.

  • by Gary Adshead
Players who suffered a concussion in the last NRL season: (Clockwise from top left) James Tedesco, Alex Johnston, Kalyn Ponga and Jordan Rapana.

Five ways to kick off the concussion debate without stopping the game

This problem is too complicated to reduce it to the kick-off debate.

  • by Michael Morgan and Anthony Boyd
Jim Chalmers, delivering his third federal budget, faces his toughest challenge yet.

If Chalmers gets the budget wrong, interest rate rises may kill his government

For Treasurer Jim Chalmers, this budget is existential. Bad decisions could increase unemployment or provoke more interest rate rises. Both would be political nails in the government’s coffin.

  • by Shane Wright

By cancelling Mother’s Day, this school is so inclusive it excludes mums

Hunter Valley Grammar School has cancelled its Mother’s Day gift stall for children in K-6 and replaced it with a “Family Gift Stall”.

  • by Brad Emery
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and US President Joe Biden.

Biden had hoped to send a quiet message, then Israel leaked it

The US decision to pause the delivery of bombs represents a significant turning point in its relationship with Israel. But it may not necessarily be a breaking point.

  • by Peter Baker
Earnings season showed the big four banks experienced a fall in profits and the themes were remarkably similar.
Big four

CBA lowers the curtain on a profit season banks would rather forget

This season was not one that banks will be crowing about – all experienced a fall in profits and the themes were remarkably similar.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
An uneasy stand-off formed at Melbourne University this month between a Jewish community rally and students protesting against university ties to weapons companies and Israel’s war in Gaza.

When uni students endorse terror, it’s time for political intervention

The university protests in Australia arising from the Israel-Gaza conflict have moved beyond a debate about free speech.

  • by David Crowe
Lengthy ban: Gold Coast’s Wil Powell.
AFL 2024

Homophobic and dumb: Why the punishment is right for Powell’s slur

Gold Coast player’s language shows that changing behaviour takes both time and decisive action.

  • by Peter Ryan
Aisha Khodary has spent almost every night at the Monash encampment.

Uni protests are messy, but they prove that campuses have come back to life

A sad legacy of lockdowns is that too many of us are unable to stop and listen to another side. But the noise of the encampments shows that campuses have come back to life.

  • by Alexandra Wake

Apple’s tone-deaf iPad ad triggers our darkest AI fears

Apple has made its worst marketing faux pas since it forced everyone to listen to U2.

  • by Dave Lee
The Russian invasion of Ukraine pushed up oil prices.

It’s not easy being green for UK and European oil giants

The oil super majors are eyeing shifting their primary stock exchange listings to New York as a stronger push to reduce fossil fuels in their home markets weighs on their share prices.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz

The world’s turned a blind eye, but I’ve seen Gaza’s horrors

More than half a million children are sheltering in Rafah. Families I spoke to there as an Australian aid worker told me they were terrified, wondering how they will protect their kids.

  • by Sacha Myers
Adam Simpson, Luke Beveridge, Ken Hinkley.
AFL 2024

Why AFL needs to embrace the coaching merry-go-round

In overseas sports, head coaches often transition swiftly between roles, quitting or being fired from one franchise to resurface as the head coach at another. The AFL’s landscape with more entrenched coaches underscores the need for more open minds on changing clubs.

  • by Kane Cornes
WA Treasurer Rita Saffioti in her office ahead of Thursday’s state budget.
WA budget

$3.4 billion drip feed means no surprises expected in Saffioti’s first budget

This budget will be Treasurer Rita Saffioti’s first after she was elevated to the position in June last year following the retirement of former treasurer and premier Mark McGowan.

  • by Hamish Hastie
Moses Suli was nudged out of position just before the tackle on Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

Why I will continue to argue for concussion victims – past and future

The column written by my colleague last week shocked me, but this issue is far bigger than a difference of opinion.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
Nicho Hynes takes on the Dragons.
NRL 2024

Why this is the most important three weeks of Nicho Hynes’ career

Over the next month, the Sharks have a golden chance to shake their tag as flat-track bullies – and their star man can prove he belongs at Origin level.

  • by Andrew Johns
Blake Acres celebrates the winning goal.
AFL 2024

Courage, a near miss and a shoulder hanging by a thread: The 20-second passage of play that shook the MCG

We break down the key moments from a play Blues fans will never forget the last time their side took on the Demons at the mighty MCG.

  • by Andrew Wu
With tax rates at an all-time high, getting your house in order tax-wise is more important than ever.

Why sorting your tax early this year is more important than ever

You need to look for every tax deduction and defer any income you can, and take advice on your particular circumstances so you don’t overdo it.

  • by Julia Hartman

Albanese’s is an ‘experimental’ government – and it looks like the experiment is failing

It’s the first federal government I’ve seen that has sought to build most of its political and policy mandate after winning office rather than before it.

  • by Shaun Carney
Those dealers could see from a mile away that I did not speak Car.

COVID’s over, but used-car dealers still have Perth by the wheel nuts

During the pandemic new car supply dried up, borders slammed shut, driving in WA was our only holiday choice and dealers knew it. So how are things looking now?

  • by Brendan Foster
“Buy your mum some flowers and go spoil that goddess rotten.”

Mums, learn to put yourself first for once in your life

“Motherhood is as easy as climbing Everest in high heels and hotpants, carrying a disco ball.”

  • by Kathy Lette
Artwork: Dionne Gain

How do you know if you were ‘raised right’? I’ve always felt like I’m missing something

To be brought up with money, power, beauty and status are advantages few of us are lucky to have. But to be “raised right” is a scarcer, more valuable privilege.

  • by Wendy Syfret
Former North Melbourne midfielder Tarryn Thomas at a training session at Arden Street last year.
The Scoop
AFL 2024

Roos unable to ‘meaningfully change’ Tarryn Thomas’ behaviour: CEO’s email to rival clubs

The midfielder completed four different behavioural programs before being sacked by North Melbourne once the league’s ban was announced.

  • by Sam McClure
Boys from Yarra Valley Grammar have been suspended for ranking girls in categories on a chat group.

What are the consequences of being a ‘wifey’ or ‘unrapable’? I hope those girls never find out

When my own high school rating list came out, that ranking stayed with me forever. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  • by Katy Hall
Rob Adams, CEO of Perpetual defends selling assets to KKR

‘A joke’: The $2.2b deal with no detail that has left investors fuming

Hostilities have broken out over wealth powerhouse Perpetual’s deal to sell two of its major divisions and brand to private equity giant KKR.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
Anthony Albanese is hopeful more low-cost airlines will enter the Australian market.

PM’s rinse-and-repeat response to China jet incident will do little to deter aggression

How stable are relations with China if the People’s Liberation Army is regularly putting the lives of Australian military personnel at risk?

  • by Matthew Knott