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Labor adds billions to state deals on housing

Albanese struck a deal with state and territory leaders on Friday to inject more cash into construction, including a five-year agreement on social housing.

  • by David Crowe

Opinion & Perspectives

Chalmers has navigated a steady course. But can he nail a tricky landing?

Like a pilot negotiating fierce crosswinds, Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ dexterity will be judged on whether the economic landing is soft or hard.

Peter Hartcher
Peter Hartcher

Political and international editor

Chalmers wakes the baby debate the country needs

Jim Chalmers is not planning a fertility police squad in next week’s budget, but his comments on the birth rate go to an issue the world needs to debate.

Shane Wright
Shane Wright

Senior economics correspondent

WA is finding it hard to admit it has a spending problem

Most of WA’s increased spend is demand-driven thanks to roaring population growth placing pressure on housing, education and health budgets.



Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan theatrically inserted a miniature copy of the UN charter into a transparent paper shredder.

Australia joins 142 nations in backing Palestinian statehood in UN vote

In a day of high emotion at UN headquarters, Israel’s UN ambassador theatrically inserted a miniature copy of the charter into a transparent paper shredder.

  • by Matthew Knott and Rachel Clun
Anthony Albanese is putting his mark on the government’s economic policies.

So what is Albonomics, and what will it mean for Australia?

When he came to power, the prime minister’s economic priorities were hard to discern. Two years on, his vision is clear.

  • by Shane Wright

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