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Trevor Lu Co-founder of UpUp, a new supermarket price comparison app.

From apps to ugly veg: Four simple ways to cut up to 40% off your grocery bill

Feeling the pinch? Innovative online tools are helping shoppers save at the supermarket, or bypass it altogether.

  • Bianca Hrovat

‘The poor man’s Grange’ now costs how much?

The reason why the Penfolds Bin is retailing at more than $100.

  • Huon Hooke
Junk food addiction: it’s a serious problem.

How to tell if you’re addicted to junk food (and what to do about it)

Experts say ‘junk food syndrome’ is a growing problem, with obesity levels soaring thanks to our troubled eating habits.

  • David Cox
Nutritionist, dietitian and writer Sarah Pound.

This nutritionist’s fuss-free meals made her a social media star. She’s now our new recipe writer

Let Sarah Pound help ease your midweek cooking stress with her practical advice and family-friendly recipes that we know you’ll love.

  • Megan Johnston
The Two-StepLow-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book by DR SUE SHEPHERD.
Braised beef cheeks with creamy polenta

Fed up with dry and stringy meat in your stew? This cut is ‘impossible to ruin’

For Terry Durack, slow and steady cooking wins the race, and there is one cut in particular that he likes to turn to.

  • Terry Durack
Supplied publicity photo of chef and cookbook author Stephanie Alexander in her inner-city garden.
(handout photo, no syndication)

What does Australia’s cooking queen make herself for dinner? It’s so simple (and you’ll want it too)

On the 20th anniversary of her Kitchen Garden Foundation, the beloved chef and cookbook author shares her kitchen wisdom and favourite spots to eat out.

  • Jane Rocca

The MasterChef Australia 2024 recap collection: we watch the show so you don’t have to

Chaos, cliffhangers, and quite a lot of cooking too. It’s MasterChef 2024 as observed by master recapper Ben Pobjie, in order of most recent to oldest episode.

The judges get glammed up for episode two.

The aim of this game is to make Jamie Oliver not look like a plonker. Can they do it?

It’s only night two and we’re already elbow deep in a service challenge. Hopefully they can handle the heat better than chilli-shy judge Andy.

  • Ben Pobjie

MasterChef recap: Cue the frantic music and fireballs, it’s back and boy are there a lot of judges

MasterChef returns with new judges, overenthusiastic contestants and moving montages. There’s also some cooking. Ben Pobjie recaps episode one.

  • Ben Pobjie
Soluble fibre is found in oats, legumes and fruits, and dissolves with water to form a gel-like substance.

Why fibre is the unsung hero in our diet (and how to eat more of it)

Protein, carbs and fats often hog the headlines but let’s not forget the importance of dietary fibre, the “quiet achiever” essential for long-term health.

  • Anna Magee

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