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Traveller letters

A reader arrived in Rome to find their luggage was still in Melbourne.

Traveller Letters: I never appreciated AirTags until this happened

“I stood at the baggage carousel at Rome Airport, watching all the other passengers take their bags until the carousel ran empty.”

Qantas business class seats are hard to come by.

Traveller Letters: Qantas’ new frequent flyer scheme just another disappointment

“For years I could grab business class reward flights on Qantas or Velocity frequent flyer points by carefully checking early every morning 353 days ahead of my planned trips.”

Tattoos can be controversial in Japan.

Tripologist: Will my tattoos offend the locals in Japan?

Tattooed bodies were traditionally banned from Japan’s onsens and bathhouses due to their negative associations with criminality and gang affiliations.

  • by Michael Gebicki
ANA business class on board its Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Traveller Letters: Qantas business class far superior to this Asian airline

“I recently flew Qantas business to Tokyo. The crew, food, seat and service were flawless. Our next leg was on ANA, a flight we looked forward to.”

Lufthansa check-in kiosks.

Traveller Letters: Beware this trap – don’t trust your boarding pass

“The printed boarding pass of our connecting flight showed both the wrong gate and flight number.”

Lounge access is of little use if the lounge is not open at the time of your flight, writes one Traveller reader this week.

Traveller Letters: Virgin ‘perk’ of platinum, gold status is totally useless

“One of the perks of being a Virgin Australia gold or platinum member when flying on several international airlines is supposed to be lounge access.”

Renewing an Australian passport overseas attracts an additional $155 charge.

Traveller Letters: Unfair fee pushed cost of my Australian passport over $500

“I know Australian passports are expensive but it seems if you renew overseas you are now hit with an additional fee of $155.”

Australians have nothing to fear in Hong Kong, writes one reader.

Traveller Letters: Australians have abandoned this great destination

“The government’s Smart Traveller website advises travellers to exercise a ‘high degree of caution’. How crazy is that?”

Qantas business class passengers on international flights still get fancy meals (above) but don’t expect similar on a domestic flight.

Traveller Letters: A slice of cake is not a meal, Qantas

“My wife and I have recently flown on two lunchtime economy class flights. Neither flight offered a meal.”

One reader’s much-loved watch went missing after passing through security at Dubai Airport.

Traveller Letters: My precious possession disappeared at airport security

“When I realised what had happened and went back to the conveyor belt, I was met with ‘I don’t understand English’ and blank looks.”